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I am attempting to configure Scala with IntelliJ 11.1 on Ubuntu.

I have installed Scala through "sudo apt-get install scala"

Scala version returns

I have typed 'whereis scala' which has returned '/usr/bin/scala'

I have installed the IntelliJ Scala plugin, but when I attempt to create a module and it asks for the 'Use Scala distribution' path and I enter /usr/bin/scala', the plugin reports that this is not a valid Scala home.

Also, I am not sure what I enter for the compiler and standard library.



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I think it's expecting a scala distribution which is contained within a single directory -- like what you would get if you downloaded the tarball and extracted it.

You could try finding the directory where the scala jars are stored, probably somewhere in /usr/share or maybe /usr/lib, and point the IDEA config at that, since I think it's trying to find the jars and not the executable. The jars it would be looking for are scala-compiler.jar and scala-library.jar.

EDIT: I just checked the Debian package listing for the scala and scala-library packages and the jars are in /usr/share/java.

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Indeed, the plugin is expecting to find a complete Scala distribution withing a single directory.

We will check a case with Scala obtained via the apt-get. Meanwhile, you may try to configure you project manually.

Here are project configuration guides:

Thank you for the report.


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