Problem with imports in Java project when Scala plugin is enabled


I'm doing some tests with Play framework 2.0. I'm seeing problems with imports in Play 2.0 Java projects as long as the Scala plugin is enabled. When it's disabled, the problems vanishes. Play 2.0 Scala projects don't seem to be affected.

1. Download http://download.playframework.org/releases/play-2.0-beta.zip and unzip
2. Add play-2.0-beta/repository/local/play/play_2.9.1/2.0-beta/jars/play_2.9.1.jar as dependency/library to a Java project
3. Add the following Java class to the project:

package test;

import play.*;

public class Test {
    public static void main() {
        Application application;

When the Scala plugin is enabled, the import will be marked as having an error ("Cannot resolve symbol play"). When I disable the Plugin, the errors disappears.

Explicitly importing play.Application with the Scala Plugin enabled also solves the problem.

This is with IDEA 11.0.1 and Scala Plugin 0.5.282.

Is this a known problem?



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