Adding Java to existing Scala project


probably this is very easy, but I can't get it to work. I have an existing project which has been long time ago setup with the sbt idea plugin. I now want to add some java sources, so I just added them to src/main/java. I build with the sbt plugin, and that compiles all fine, also the new java sources. But i can't properly edit them, the icons are like a crossed-out 'J', and when i try to use the java classes in the scala sources, they just appear red with no option to add imports.

So i figured i kind of need to add the Java facet? But if i go to the context-menu of the project, add-framework-support only offers me groovy and maven. Also in the project settings i can't see any way to add java...

This is with Intellj 10.5 CE. any help appreciated...

thanks, -sciss-

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Ah. I just need to add 'src/main/java' to the source folders (making it 'blue'). simple...


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