IntelliJ + Scala slow?

My project is about 6200 lines, and the inline compiling seems to be pretty slow.  It can take a 30+ seconds for highlighting to appear/dissapear.  Also pop-up completion is so slow as to be unusable.

Anyone else? Gotta be!


What version of the plugin are you using?

Please, try the latest nightly builds (which are much faster).


I'm using the latest of both intelilj (107.535) and scala plugin... It is slightly faster than before, but damn this thing uses cpu. Like ALL of the cpu.

But I am going to have to downgrade, since I am running in to this STILL:

Error during dispatching of java.awt.event.KeyEvent[KEY_PRESSED,keyCode=8,keyText=⌫,keyChar=⌫,keyLocation=KEY_LOCATION_STANDARD,rawCode=0,primaryLevelUnicode=0,scancode=0] on frame2
 at java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder.delete(

in the scala console.  The ide reported it a few weeks ago and continues to report it to you guys. Kind of ruins the scala console experience, when it, you know, stops working.

I'm seriously thinking of trying to use Eclipse. Yeah things are THAT bad, that buggy.

Here is the bug i filed since the auto-bug/exception reporting didnt get it fixed:



I'm spending my time managing intellij, and not coding. I'm reverting plugin back a MONTH


As much as I dislike Eclipse, I tried the beta version of the new Scala plugin and the inline compiler speed is incredible. I'm hoping we'll get something along the lines of that kind of performance.


+1 for the Scala console Backspace bug which is in the latest plugin release.

As for editor highlighting speed, it currently is acceptable for me (then again, the individual classes/objects are below 100 lines usually).
If you're running into performance problems, creating a YouTrack issue with attached CPU snapshots is a good idea.
If possible, providing the problematic source files (you can mark attachments as only visible to Jetbrains developers).



if you think the performance is acceptible, try running intellij on a 1.7 ghz dual i5 macbook air.  

intellij slams the CPU so hard it causes the system to become unresponsive for a few seconds.

I am wondering if has anything to do with the lack of updates or commits or improvements in the scala plugin?  Could it be that my future is in eclipse or emacs?


I think the teams working on the two projects are unrelated:
Regarding lack of activity, now is a good time (in St.Petersburg area) to enjoy a holiday, I think it's that simple ;)

While the Scala plugin developers have a number of different Scala projects (including the plugin itself) to get performance data from, they don't have yours.
Capturing a few CPU snapshots and attaching them to a YouTrack issue literally takes just a few minutes, and it will increase the chance that your specific performance issue gets looked at.



My 6500 line scala project was no match for eclipse, i killed it :-)


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