Buggy highlighting in Java code (good Java code red)

My coworkers (Mac OS X 10.6, Win 7) and I (Win 7) recently upgraded to IntelliJ 10.5.1 together with the Scala plugin 0.4.1183 and using Scala, and we have all seen buggy highlighting in Java source files (good code red in .java files).  For me it was very flaky--I reinstalled IntelliJ 10.5.1 together with Scala plugin 0.4.1183 and haven't seen the problem again (though it's hard to reproduce so it may come back).  My coworker has says that sometimes toggling the Scala plugin "type aware highlighting" can intermittently make the problem go away, and my other coworker demonstrated that disabling the scala plugin fixed the problem.  Have others seen this problem?  Can Java source highlighting errors be caused by the Scala plugin?  Any ideas for fixing it, maybe reverting to a previous plugin?  It looks like my coworkers will have to disable the scala plugin until we identify what's happening here.  Thanks for any ideas!


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One of my collaborators reported that he is seeing the Java code highlighting problems even after disabling the Scala plugin, so perhaps it is unrelated...  I wonder if it's a problem with IntelliJ IDEA itself, or with our project configuration...

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Scala plugin interpret .class files (compiled by Scala compiler) like Scala. Currently Java -> Scala highlighting works very bad, we should find some general solution how to get exact interpretation of every Scala file (including something like MODULE$ fields etc.) for Java.
If you use raw Java project with libraries compiled by Scala compiler, it's better to disable Scala plugin. Then all .class files will be decompiled like it will be done by Java compiler. If problem still exists => it seems it's IDEA bytecode decompiler bug. It would be great to find wrong decompiled class and to create ticket.
If I find time to fix this problem with enabled Scala plugin, It will be available in IDEA 11 (I need to change IDEA API), otherwise I think it will be available in IDEA 11.5.
Sorry for inconvenieces.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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I noticed others having this problem in IDEA 10.5.1 as well (probably unrelated to Scala plugin) in this forum:


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