Make/Loading .class file process very slow


I use scala integration together with Play framework inside Intellij.

Executing the test is fast as usual (no change of source code). But after touching some code (either production or test) it takes ~16 seconds to make the test start to run. Looking at the process bar this involves both 'Make' and loading classes (Under process bar I see 'Loaded file ....class' for a whole bunch of .class files).

This long delay makes quick feedback unit-testing very difficult.

Are there some plugin options to speed up the Make process?

I am using the plugin version 0.4.1084 under IntelliJ  10.5.



You can try enabling FSC (Fast Scala Compiler).

Settings, Compiler, Scala Compiler, Use FSC.

I don't use this myself. If you try it, be aware that FSC can stop itself after a while, see this comment for a workaround:

Personally, I use SBT, and the idea-sbt-plugin.




I gave up and commented on the plugin-page ,

I hope that jetbrains make scala integration core and hide away the fsc-details. I understand why the compilation process of scala is brute force because of cross references still it should be more transparent for the developer as starting dedicated compile-server and doing some switches.

For now I use  scala-plugin as editor now exclusively with some error-reporting. Fortunately I use Play framework which handles instant reloading of source changes very well. What is annoying I have to skip the unit-tests, the write/compile/run cycle simply takes too long.


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