Keywords in Backticks

Hello jetBrains,

I just observed something strange. In Idea 10.5 with newest Scala Plugin (through the plugin updates),
I have to use an identifier with backticks:

Since type is a Scala keyword I must enclose it in backticks. I do it and if the cursor is moved with
the cursor keys the last backtick is removed:

which results in error again.

When I add the last backtick, move the cursor and then save the document, it seems to prevent the problem.

best regards

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I can't reproduce this really strange problem. Cursor keys shouldn't remove backticks, that's can be IDEA or scala plugin bug. It seems we need more information on this bug (you can attach logs from .IntelliJIDEA10 folder, there can be some excpeption, is it permanent behaviour?).

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhlayuzin.


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