Debugger breakpoint problems with backticked class names

I have some simplespec ( tests that I'm attempting to debug. Unfortunately, the breakpoints I set within my tests are not triggering. Upon further inspection, the way simplespec test classes are named is tickling a bug in the debugging capabilities of the Scala debugger. I have a short object that displays the problem I'm encountering…

object Test {   def main(args: Array[String]) {     println(new Foo().foo)     println(new Bar().bar)     println(new Baz().baz)     println(new FooBarBaz().fooBarBaz)   }   class `Foo` {     def `foo` = {       "Hello, Foo!" // Breakpoint #1, won't trigger     }   }   class `Bar` {     def bar = {       "Hello, Bar!" // Breakpoint #2, won't trigger     }   }   class Baz {     def `baz` = {       "Hello, Baz!" // Breakpoint #3, will trigger     }   }   class FooBarBaz {     def fooBarBaz = {       "Hello, FooBarBaz" // Breakpoint #4, will trigger     }   } }

As you can see, breakpoints within the classes with backticked names don't trigger. It doesn't appear that backticked method names make a difference. I'm seeing this in IDEA 10.5 (107.85) with version 0.4.1020 of the plugin.
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The same was with classes named like ":::". And now it's fixed. Thank you for report!

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhlayuzin.


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