20 minutes to compile a 73 line file seems excessive

Sometimes IDEA seems to get stuck when compiling my straightforward 73 line Scala file, and takes something more than 20 minutes to complete. Other times, it takes just a couple seconds. Killing IDEA and restarting it dosn't seem to help - it just goes back to where it was. Letting it run to completion doesn't help. I let it finish, commented out a couple lines, and the next build got stuck, too.

The machine has more than enough power to make quick work of the task - 2 dual-core opterons, 4Gb of ram, and no one else using the machine. It is running Debian 6, and I am trying out the IDEA community edition that I just downloaded today. I rebuilt the machine last week, so all the software is quite new. Any thoughts on why IDEA would be unusable?

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Is there a sure way to reproduce such behavior? May we test your project compilation?

What are exact versions of Scala, IDEA and Scala plugin?

Does the problem occur when compiling with Scalac alone (from the command line)?

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Scala 2.8.1

IDEA 10.0.2 build 103.72 from Feb. 8

Scala plugin 0.4.589

Java 1.6.0_22 64 bit server VM from Sun

It takes 22 seconds to compile using scalac (just .7 seconds using fsc, but IDEA isn't configured yet to use fsc)

Yes, you can test the project. We will see if the problem is reproducable elsewhere.

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I think I figured it out. It looks like under the scala compiler settings, I had checked "use fsc," but I hadn't filled in any of the fields. Fsc is running on the machine, but I would guess that IDEA wasn't reaching it and it took a very long time to time out. I'll experiment a little and see if that is the case.


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