Wrong Parameter info for methods.

I am using the lastest night build of Scala plugin and as far as I know this problem affects all the releases.
The problem is wrong parameter info, can't give a right suggestion for method declaration.

The code is like this:

def render =
      "chat", // the namespace for binding
      "line" -> lines _, // bind the function lines
      "input" -> SHtml.text("", s => ChatServer ! s))

When I want to show the params of bind method by pressing ctrl + p,  it give me a incorrect information. You can see the problem in the attachment pics.

Actually this method was defined in CometActor with a signature like this:

def bind(prefix: String, vals: BindParam*): NodeSeq = bind(prefix, _defaultXml, vals: _*)

What Intellij Shows is a method with same name(bind) but defined in different namespace (BindHelpers).
This is very confusing for me to trace problem. And I think this is the most basic feature for a good IDE.

Another thing, when I want to ctrl and click to navigate to the method defination, Intellij give me a bunch of wrong prompt, it
should jump to the method with the right signature, but not based solely on name, this is not the same as auto-completion.

Hopefully this will be solved very soon.

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Anyone can answer this?

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This is not parameter info bug. This is navigation bug. I'll try to reproduce and fix it.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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I can't reproduce your example. I need to know signature of method `lines`.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhlayuzin.


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