Good code red: ScalaTest "should"

I have been using the ShouldMatchersForJUnit from ScalaTest and, in many
cases, the keyword "should" shows up as red in the editor. The code
compiles and runs with no problems.

Editor message is "Cannot resolve symbol should"

Testing for a certain class seems to be especially problematic:

     testObject.getClass should be (classOf[SomeClassName])

Idea 10.0.1

Scala plugin 0.4.407 (w/experimental syntax checking on - it's pretty
lame without it)

JUnit 4.8.2

ScalaTest 1.2

Scala 2.8.1

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Submitting a minimal test case to would be a good idea.
I've noticed a similar issue recently (, not sure if it's related to what you're seeing.



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