Scala Server Pages support


   The new Apache Incubator Project Clerezza, uses a neat feature called Scala Server pages
which is essentially a little templating system that allows one to write JSP-like pages using Scala.
By removing the boiler-plate code one can write something that looks very much like JSP, ASP,
or any of those frameworks. An interesting idea, except for the problem that it does not work nicely
with an IDE. as shown in bug report CLEREZZA-282.

   The idea though seems to be a good one, that could be useful in many other places. What would be
needed is some way to assocate a template with a file extension, and have the IDEA Scala plugin, pretend
that template was wrapped around the code. Perhaps it could even show this code in debug mode or
when clicking on a + on the side.

Is this difficult to do? Is there another way one should do this instead? IDEA 10 seems to work much nicer than Netbeans, and this feature could help the adoption of Clerezza a lot, and would give me a very good reason to recommend IDEA for building the distributed social web I detail on

P.S. This is what it looks like inside Netbeans, but IDEA has a similar reaction to the missing headers.

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We are near to start implementing it. This is an issue:

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Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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