FSC initial support

It's small announcement for all IntelliJ Scala plugin users.
I've just added initial support for fsc. And it's not simple to use, and it's possibly buggy or fsc is possibly buggy (I can't build with fsc our plugin sources, but other small project I can). So it's disabled by default (and I think it will be always disabled by default).
This feature will be available from next nightly build: 0.3.515 and upper.
Using this feature:
1. use same compilers for all modules (this is not right, and possibly settings for fsc will be moved to Scala Facet Page settings to have more flexible options to configure your project)
2. create run configuration: Compile Server with enough VM memory and to run it. (this will be removed, I think it's simpler to create Compile Server automatically, but maybe it's good idea to have ability to run Compile Server as you want)
3. then you should flag appropriate checkbox in Scala Compiler settings (see Settings -> Compiler -> Scala Compiler). As I said it will be moved to Facet settings.

Then you can use compiler as usually. Just don't stop compile server and compilation will be very fast...

Any suggestions are welcome. And I hope that somebody will be able to set up fsc in his project.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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