Sorry in advance for flurry of IDEA X/Scala crash reports

Hi there,

I'm giving IDEA X another try on one of my fairly large Scala projects and am seeing a bunch of "IDE Fatal Errors" that thankfully aren't, so rather than ignore them or switch back to Maia like I usually do, I'm going to start submitting them.  They start at #222207 and I'll submit any I see in the next few hours that look unique.

If there's some more constructive (but still preferably low-effort ;)) way to report these, please let me know. :)

Some dogtags:
Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit on a Core i7 920
IDEA X 98.117
Scala plugin 0.4.189
... oh wait, I just realized I was running IDEA under JDK7, so now I'm going to switch back to 1.6 and continue from there.
Sun JDK 1.6.0_20-b02 (64-bit, Ubuntu package sun-java6-jdk 6.20dlj-1ubuntu3)
Maven project
Scala 2.8.1.RC2



All errors welcome (we encourage everyone to submit all errors because every received stacktrace helps us to improve the code).

We use automatic error clusterization, so don't bother too much about errors uniqueness.

To submit an error do the following:
1) double click on a blinking red exclamation icon on the right side of IDEA statusbar
2) select an error with the arrows in the top-left corner of the dialog
2) press "Blame ..." button
3) add short error description (optional, but desired)

You may create an account at Jetbrains ( and track reported errors status (

Any problems can also be posted to our issue tracker (

Thank you in advance for crash reports flurry ;)


I fixed some kind of SOE that you sent, but I wasn't able to reproduce your stacktrace exactly. So please check next nighlty build for this exception, if it still occures please give me hint (This SOE occurs form one of for statement, so I need some kind of code example with this for).

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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