Which one is more stable for scala: 9.0.3 or X ?

Scala support is proving quite challenging in IJ 9.0.3  I have followed the manual steps for setting up the Scala libraries, and still the Scala facet is non-configurable.  Maybe I will get response on that .. but in any case this is a raw product at this point.

What about  IJ X - is the Scala support there  different from 9.0.3 or essentially the same ?    If it is different from 9.0.3 - and better - then which one am I better off using (given that X will have its inherent instabilities owing to its EAP status)?


stephen boesch


I just checked and there is a very recent Scala plugin update.  After installing it into 9.0.3, scala is working now (console, scalac,  scala).  this is good.


Latter versions of Scala plugin are ususally more stable ones, so I bet IDEA X favor of the plugin is a preference.


Last time when I tried it, the Scala plugin for X was better - for example on my machine fsc did not do needless recompiles like it did in 9.0.3's Scala plugin. But IDEA X itself is buggier than IDEA 9.0.3 - it's throwing internal exceptions all the time and starting tests take many times longer than on IDEA 9. I'm hoping that the quality of the EAP releases would improve quickly, so that I would be able to upgrade.


I've now tried the latest nightly Scala plugin with IDEA 98.117.

The new code completion (http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2010/10/intellij-idea-10-eap-98117/) appears slow in Scala files. For example if I type "print" (as quickly as possible), the editor freezes for a moment after the first "p", and after it has loaded the code completion menu (with entries "private", "protected" and the global "print*" methods) typing works again quickly. That's one showstopper for me.

IDEA's JUnit plugin is throwing exceptions and starting up slowly, so that's another showstopper for me.


autopopup completion you can disable. Settings -> Editor -> Code Completion (something about autopopup code completion)
Lastest nightly should incompatible with latest IDEA EAP (there are maybe VerifyError). I'll upload compatible version soon.

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Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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