How do I build the Scala plugin in IDEA?


I'm interested in fixing some bugs in the plugin.
I followed the guide on , checked out the plugin sources and compiled it using ant.  That worked fine.

But how do I set up the IDEA project correctly?
I followed the steps on and configured an "Intellij IDEA SDK" using IDEA IC-96.1121. Afterwards, IDEA could find most of the intellij packages and classes, but it still claims about a few missing ones:

So what did I wrong?

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Modify your IDEA SDK to include:


Would be nice to get this documented on confluence.


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Thanks.  I got it working now, at least the module "Scala".  I added the lib/idea.jar to the SDK and the scalap.jar to the project.  But I could not find maven jar files in my IDEA installation (community edition).  Therefore, I had to exclude two files from compile which references org.jetbrains.idea.


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