"Error Loading Project" in 0.3.1845

After upgrading to plug-in 0.3.1845 (and a longish re-indexing the first time I opened my project), IDEA reported this:

(!) Error Loading Project

  Cannot load facet Scla (rho) Details...

Clicking details presents a small alert stating:

(X) Unknown facet type: 'Scala'

   Would you like to remove facet 'Scala' from module 'rho'?

(I chose "No")

I quit, relaunched and reopened my project, but while the indexing did not happen the second time, the alert appeared again.

Randall Schulz


Scala project configuration was redesigned, facets are now obsolete so you may delete them (no additional re-configurations required).

We're going to post a detailed description of the change and the reasons behind it.


Cool. The facet was always a complication in helping people get their IDEA Scala configuration working properly.

Randall Schulz


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