nightly builds: 1807 broken, 1816 unavailable

The 1807 build is practically unusable for me, continuously throwing IncompatibleClassChangeError:

At the same time, the download link for the latest build listed on the "nighties" page (1816) seems not to work.
It seems to link to, which gives me a 404.

In addition, seems to be down as well. ;)


It seems that you have broken installation. I can't get this exception (with 1807, 1814 or 1816), also I checked building dependencies. 1807 was compiled with IDEA 95.390, so this exception shouldn't be. Build 1816 was removed.
Build 1814 is available, have you tried it?

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


Hi Alexander,

Build 1814 seems working fine so far (running on IDEA IU 95.413).



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