@throws-annotation is ignored in Java code

Hi all,

On IntelliJ IDEA IC 9.02 (95.66) with the Scala plugin v0.3.1478, using a @throws(classOf[Exception])-annotation on a method in Scala will be ignored by Java code in the same project.

The code compiles and runs just fine, this problem is only in the code editor.

For example, if defining @throws as follows:

Then, when using this method from Java, the throws-annotation will be ignored:

And as you can see, a syntax error is displayed.


  1. Might there be something wrong with my local setup?
  2. If not, what is the cause for this? Is it something we can be expected to be fixed in an upcoming version?
  3. If not, or if that's far from now: Is there a way to disable that specific syntax check, without disabling syntax checking altogether?


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This is problem of Java to Scala support. There is no a way to disable highlighting in Java. I've just checked this bug, and haven't found  fast solution, so this will be fixed no soon. Sorry for inconveniences.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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Ok. Thank you for the reply!


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