Erroneous and Transient "Unused import statment" since 0.3.1478


Since the release of Scala plug-in 0.3.1478 there has been a very noticeable error detecting unused imports. These spurious "Unused import statment" diagnostics come and go.

Here's a screen capture showing one unused import, rrs.util.ERec. This is correctly diagnosed:


(Ignore the errors on the last line for the moment.)

Here's the erroneous "mode." Notice how many more imports are shown in grey:


These incorrect unused diagnostics appear when the project is reopened and disappear when you click around in that file. They reappear when you issue File -> Save All / CTRL-S.

The incorrect errors on the renaming imports of java.lang.System.err.printf and println are a different error that has been present for a very long time.

Randall Schulz


I just fixed it. Unused import statemt will work right form next nighlty.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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