Editer pauses (b1478)

I am consistently seeing pauses when typing (independent of the other recent deadlocks and cpu spikes I think).

Given this class

package systeminsights.module.oee

class T {


If I place the cursor anywhere within the body of T and hit enter creating newlines I immediatly get a pause of several seconds. Even using the arrow keys is paused. Adding other constructs (eg, val a = ...) will also trigger a pause. Its pretty consistent and makes editing scala a very unpleasant experience.

This would seem so serious that it would be a common issue, but its appearently not. What could it be that only I see these pauses?

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Something else I see when using Idea's VM memory status bar thingy: With a larger class (~300 lines) adding or removing  a blank line will cause the memory usage to cycle between 200M and 600M about 5 or six times before settling down (I'm configured with -Xms1024 -Xmx2048). I can reproduce this over and over. Just delete a blank line and watch the memory get churned thru. Add the line back repeats the memory churn.

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Memory and CPU usages is normal reaction for any change, because it produces something like full recompilation. Pauses is bad, because it means that awt thread locked for calculation, and pause between two method calls for checking typing event is dramatically big.
I'll try to find this pause.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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Ok, makes sense. Maybe whitespace changes can be optimized out at some point.

Is churning thru 3 or 4G of transient memory a reasonable amount for a change to a smallish class?


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