eclipse & netbeans-plugins

does anyone know how good/stable/finished these plugins are, compared to jetbrains' one?


i asked the same question in some netbeans forum, the resposes were exactly the same. i guess one's ide is one's religion, never try another.
(i'm an atheist)


I've never tried netbeans but i have tried eclipse. For java eclipse works fine, for scala, it's not so great (or was not so great a month ago, as that was the last time i tried to use it after the debacle of intellij fucking everything up after an update). Code completion/highlight/inspection didn't work well at all and the ide simply choked on parts of my code, becoming totally unresponsive.

While Intellij's scala plugin leaves a lot to be desired, it's still miles ahead of the one in eclipse. Still there is quite some buzz/fuzz around the eclipse plugin and it seems to be the reference ide/plugin for scala. As such i do hope it'll improve quickly (then again, i had the same hope last year and from my pov, its development only stood still). It's not that i desperately want to ditch intellij, not at all, but i do desperately want a stable ide for scala. Maybe i'll look into using an external build tool with intellij or something (though the fast compiler, more often than not, works like a charm (once again "more often than not" isn't really good enough, it'd be great if you could truely depend on it))


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