Incremental Compilation

Hi All,

I'm relatively new to Intellij and the Scala plugin and was wondering if there is support for incremental compilation similar to the type provided when
editing Java Files.

I've done some googling around the site and looked into the roadmap and listed features but cannot find any mention of this, any help would be


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The Scala plug-in's treatment of IDEA's "Make" command is incremental, though it doesn't always seem that way.

I know little of their respective internal details and why they behave so differently, but SBT usually completes incremental compilation faster than IDEA, but I've encountered cases where IDEA is quicker.

I am, at least so far, in the camp that edits in IDEA and builds in SBT (I do build in IDEA when I need to use its interactive debugger).

Randall Schulz

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I think I've been spoilt recently by the Eclipse Scala plugin which is doing incremental and automatic compilation when a change is made
along with highlights of offending code.

This may be the best time for me to try running a Lift code base under sbt.


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