Location of downloaded plugins on Mac

I am unable to find the location where IDEA9 stores downloaded plugins on a Mac.
Could someone please point me in right direction?

I have searched for ".IntelliJIdea90" without success, as mentioned in manually updating plugin for maia - note.

I'm trying to restore older combination of plugins to get working Scala Power Pack.
Last time it worked for me was with Maia-IC-90.96 and Scala plugin 0.3.32.
Since then I've upgraded to Maia-IC-90.162 and Scala plugin 0.3.108.

Ideally I woud like to have both configurations working at the same time (because the newer build throws less exceptions during daily work). Is that possible? If not, how do I downgrade temporarily?

Thanks in advance for words of enlightenment!

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I've managed to get the older configuration runing by opening Maia-IC-90.96.app (context menu-> Show Package Contents) and dropping the downloaded Scala plugin into plugins folder. Then I had to uninstall the incompatible newer version of Scala plugin. Finally it used the 0.3.32 version of scala, now shown as bundled plugin, and I could activate the Scala Power Pack.

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Downloaded plugins are located at ~/Library/Application Support/IntelliJIdea90CE/

Thanks to the [scala-user] mailing list!


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