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Hi there,
recently I've been doing some more work with the last releases of the Scala plugin. I can see great improvements which have been done in the last few weeks and months. Thanks!

There are some minor points which could make it even more helpful.

- In the autocompletion of members I usually press a key (e.g. "," (Comma)) to choose the completion and to insert the character. This works in the Java editor but not in the Scala editor. This would be great to have

- Smart completion, but I think you're already working on this

- The debugging. In my current project I  avoid the debugger as much as possible. In some code it work, mostly it doesn't (breakponts don't work).
  If a method is defined as
       def doSomething(worker: MyWorker)(action: => Unit)
  and I call it like this:
     doSomething(myWorker) {

  then breakpoints don't work in the passed action method instance. I guess this might be quite difficult to solve with the jvm, but is it possible to fix this?

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Smart completion is under working.
For comma completion char:
Debugger is bigger problem. But I hope we'll find time to improve debbuging scala code. I don't think that it's really impossible.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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My superficial take on the debugger issue is that if breakpoints and stepping remain source-code line-level things, it will never really work well.

Wwhen execution can stop multiple times on a single pass through a given source line with a breakpoint the conciseness / density of Scala code is suddenly vary exposed!

I'm glad I'm not the sort who relies heavily on an interactive debugger to get my work done, but I do use it enough to know that it's currently far from one would like it to be.

How close it's possible to get even in prinicple, I don't really know, but I do look forward to seeing how it goes.

Randall Schulz


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