"Scala SDK is not specified"


Using IDEA 8.1.3 and Scala plugin 0.2.26124.

I'm returning to try the Scala plugin again, so haven't set things up in awhile. I have an existing (working) Java project configured with Maven to which I would like to add some unit tests written in Scala.

I've added the Scala facet to my module, and both the scala-library and scala-compiler (2.7.5) Maven artifacts are in the project dependencies (visible in IDEA as well). When I try to launch a test from within IDEA, I get the message, "Scala SDK is not specified". What am I missing?


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Huh. Fixed itself.

I had just added the compiler dependency to Maven before writing to the list--had actually added it, made sure the POM was re-imported, then checked the module settings for the dependency and tried running the test again; it failed. Right after sending the message to the list, I switched back to IDEA and a parse process started--after which I was able to run the test.

Ignore the noise; something caused my changes to not be picked up immediately. It works.



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