Can PyCharm generate a project manifest?


Is there a way to make PyCharm generate a manifest for a project?

I'm asking because I want to make my application display a "last updated" timestamp when it runs.

Because Python doesn't have a concept of "build time," this is not as straightforward as it would be in a language like Java. The most robust and practical method I can conceive is to make the application inspect its component modules, get a timestamp inserted in each module by our source control system when the module was last committed, and display the most recent timestamp as the application's "last updated" time.

To do that, I need a list of modules that are part of the application. A manifest is the only source for that list that I can think of. I can create a manifest by hand if I have to, but a manifest generated from the project file would be much more reliable (as well as less work).

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Unfortunately, there is no such option, please vote for the to increase its priority and be notified about updates.


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