how to stop recompile all scala files even there is no file has been changed?

Firstly, thanks for this nice plugin, which is the main reason that I upgraded to IDEA 8.0.

it has bee a nice experience with this plugin. however, it seems that all the scala files are recompiled when there is no file has been changed.  In my case, it takes more than 20 seconds for about 20 scals file (less than 50 classes).  I would not think this is a correct behaviour but...

Many thanks,

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Due to IDEA make logic we can't to not recompile files with wrong package name (I mean if package name not same as package structure). So check that all files factorized right.
I'll add new intention for checking it.
If all files factorized right, please ask again.
Or possibly you use 9M1 IDEA version, there is also problems with make.

Best regards,
Alexander Pokhalyuzin.

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Many thanks Alexander, the package mismatch is the reason.


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