Got an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while compiling scala files

I'm trying out IntelliJ for scala development and hit a problem. FIrst, I imported a large scala + java project from eclipse. Then I added a library with the jars for scala-library and scala-compiler 2.7.4 final.

When building (Build > Make Project), I saw the attached stack trace. Is this a bug? Can I do anything to help diagnose it?

PS: I'm using Diana version #9825 and the latest (I think, just downloaded it according to the wiki instructions) Scala plugin.

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That exception is occurring within the Scala compiler per se and even though it was invoked by IDEA (the Scala plug-in, of course), I believe it is most likely that this is a Scala compiler bug.  You should confirm this be recreating it outside of IDEA (in part to properly diagnose the problem as something apart from IDEA and the Scala plug-in and in part because my experience suggests you probably won't get much attention from Paul Phillips if you report a problem that occurs within IDEA).

If you do recreate it when invoking the compiler by itself, then it is clearly a Scala bug and must be reported to the Scala bug tracking site. I'd recommend starting by bringing it to paulp's / pulpy's attention in the #scala IRC channel. Paul is there, it seems, 24 hours a day.

If you cannot reproduce the problem outside of IDEA, then you should continue to pursue it here or by simply filing a JetBrains JIRA.

Randall Schulz

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Thanks for your help, Randall. You were right, the issue lied within scalac's java parser. Also, the omnipresent Paul Phillips gave me a hand in isolating the issue: .


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