Run Application and SimpleGUIApplication

Hi guys. I know you weren't able to right click on an object that extended the Application trait and run it initially but I'm sure that I saw recently (in some release notes that are no longer there) that this feature has been added.

I'm just letting you know that with the latest version (31Dec2008), I can't right click on an object that extends the Application trait and either run the class, or create a run configuration. Was this ever put in or was I dreaming it?

Also, I suppose this should be added for the SimpleGUIApplication trait as well.

If I add run configurations for these classes myself, I can run them as expected, even though there is a red cross in the run configuration box and when a configuration is opened it says warning, main method not found etc...

Thanks, Paul.


Hello, Paul.

It seems, you use Scala 2.7.3.RC1. Yes, there were several internal changes in Scala distribution, that's why our type inference support was not able to identify inherited "main" method in objects correctly. I've fixed it and these changes will be available with next release.
Anyway it's a kind of hack, cause we use the fact, that in compiled object inherited  "main" method will become "static" class method. But it's not actuallty static method in common Java-sense of this notion. That's why this "runnable green arrow" implementation is not proper, it's just a wrapper to make our Java analysis "think" that it's seeing "public static main(...)" in every object of such kind.

With best regards,


Hi Ilya.

Thanks for the reply but I don't think that's the problem as I'm using 2.7.2 final. And this problem shows itself in a one class/object project.

In fact, I've not checked it with 2.7.3 RC1 but will do with the next plugin release.

Thanks, Paul.


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