getting started with the Scala plugin? also, Maven problem?

I'm new to IDEA.  I installed the latest Scala plugin, but I don't seem to have the option to create a Scala project when I click "New Project".  Should I see something related to Scala there?

I tried creating a new Scala and Lift project using IDEA's Maven plugin, but I seem to only get very old archetypes.  For example, scala-archetype-simple creates an artifact which uses Scala version 2.6.1.  The archetype "lift-archetype-basic" doesn't even build properly since it appears to use version 0.8 of the archetype, which isn't around these days.

I can create Scala and Lift artifacts just fine using Maven from the command line.  This suggests to me that my ~/.m2/settings.xml file is correct.

I'm new to Maven and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Any ideas?

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Hello, David.
There is no standalone project type for Scala in IntelliJ IDEA. You have to create Java project and after that choose "Scala" facet by appropriate checkbox in a list of offered technologies. You may set up a way to your Scala SDK (a folder, where "bin", "lib" and other artifacts places) this moment or do it later in module settings dialog.
There is no support for Scala project generation from Maven POM file yet.

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