Can't have Scala directory at src/main/scala with 0.2.19059 ?

With 0.2.18767, I had a Scala module set up with Scala code in src/main/scala. This is the layout that the Scala Maven plugin expects (and is very useful for the continuous compilation and console; mvn scala:cc and mvn scala:console)

Since I've switched to 0.2.19059, the Scala directory no longer works as a source directory. Steps to reproduce:

a) Open Project Settings | Modules
b) Open my Scala module (called scala, which has an attached Scala facet)
c) Select the src/main/scala directory in the tree on the right hand side, and click "Sources"
d) src/main/scala appears under the list of source folders, but is highlighted red, rather than blue, and Scala files present in it aren't recognized as source

This only appears to be a problem for that specific directory: src/main/scala2, src/scala, scala, src/main/java, etc. all work fine. And it's to do with the name, not the directory... completely deleting the directory and recreating the structure still has the same problem.

My project file contains:


which looks pretty standard to me.

Any idea what's going on?


By the way, are there any plans to incorporate the Scala console and the continuous compilation into the plugin? They'd both be really useful - at the moment I run the continuous compilation in one terminal window, the console in another using the JavaRebel free Scala version, and use IDEA for editing.



Hmmm - this only seems to be a problem if the module is called "scala" as well.

So, don't call your Scala modules "scala" - but I suspect that a lot of Java programmers including a Scala module in their normal Java projects may well call them scala.


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