IDEA Scala plugin vs. (old) Eclipse Scala plugin: context menu

With Eclipse Scala plugin one can add new Scala objects by right-clicking in Workspace area. It displays the context menu, which allow to create new Scala items: package, class, object, trait, application, or file. IDEA Scala plugin only allows to create new Scala file. Other objects listed in context menu are Java objects. Are you going to implement corresponding Scala templates available in context menu {by right-click}?
Thank you!

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Yes, we will add templates. You can use your defined template for file now (you will need to change only one keyword), but it is only temporary way.


Thank you! I don't know how to add my own custom template and what keyword to change, but, unless it's fairly easy, I won't spend time on it. My biggest concern is to learn Scala language itself ASAP. A book by Martin Odersky book is excellent, but the absence of Java knowledge hurts (I'm a .NET programmer).

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Use following: File -> Settings -> File Templates -> Scala File
There is problem, that it's not saved after IDEA exit (so be carefully), we must fix it.


Guys, I really enjoy your quick and helpful response. I'm totally new t both Scala and Eclipse/IDEA/Netbeans world, so it's quite important to have a place when question can be asked and quickly answered.


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