Go to Declaration fails for Predef.println

Using os x 10.5.3, java 1.6.0_05, idea 8445, plugin 0.2.16990, Scala 2.7.1 final

Given the following application:

object SomeApplication {
def main(args: Array[String]) = {
val list = List("blah", "blah")

Go to declaration (or Ctrl+clicking) works properly for List and jumps to the source.

However, for println, it correctly identifies that it is from scala.Predef, but instead of jumping to the source, it decompiles a Java stub. Strange given that the source is for both is in the same jar.


P.S. The plugin is looking good!

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the behavior you describe is the consequence of scala PSI not implementing common (aka java) PSI on the method level. doing this is on the list of the plugin development.

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Another aspect that is not yet implemented is the proper resolution of method targets. This is also to be done in the near future.


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