9.0.2 and Scala plugin on Mac OS -- gets disabled

Hello --

I have been trying to run the plugin on IDEA 9.0.2 for some time, unsuccessfully. I am using:

  • IDEA Ultimate 9.0.2
  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • Java 1.6_017
  • Tried several nightly builds, the latest one being 0.3.1242

I download and unpack the plugin into /Users/sasha/Library/Application\ Support/IntelliJIDEA90/Scala. When IDEA starts, it says the plugin was loaded but I see it in the Welcome screen as disabled.

Anything I am doing wrong? Anybody had the same problem? How can I troubleshoot further?

-- Sasha


Simplest way is install plugin using plugin manager. Please remove your own nightly installation, then relaunch IDEA and open plugin manager, install scala plugin vrom available plugins list. Plugin manager you can find under Settings -> Plugins.
Then you should get working plugin.
Also in plugin manager you can disable or enable installed plugin (what's possible wrong).
After you get successful installation of Scala plugin, you can change files from previous installation to downloaded nightly.
I hope it helps.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


Thanks Alexander, that did it.

The reason I went for nighties was that the regular plugin wouldn't start up but now it fixed itself so I am happy :-) Maybe it would be good idea to list the IDE version compatibility with releases of the plugin.


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