Code runs off right margin before wrapping

I'm finding that my code wraps ... but not until it has run off the right edge of the editor. I end up having to scroll to the right in order to catch a few characters that are hidden over there, then scroll back to be able to see where the lines begin on the left.


You can see, in this screenshot, where the code runs into and beyond the scrollbar.

How can I fix this? I'm sure it's a preference I'm missing somewhere.


You can enable soft warps (Settings | Editor | General, Use soft wraps in editor) to get code visually wrapped at window width - see

Or, if you like adding 'hard' wraps (line breaks) automatically, try enabling 'Wrap on typing' in Settings | Editor | Code Style


Thanks very much, Elena. I already have that option selected and it does wrap, but a few characters run off the right edge:


If I scroll to the right just a bit, those characters are revealed:


It's just a minor nuisance to have to scroll over to the right to view those cut-off characters.


Hi, Elena.

Sorry this has been off my radar for a while. But I thought I'd check back in with you and see if you have any other ideas as to why this is happening. Is it merely a preference I need to change?


Thanks, Elena — I voted!


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