Unable to Debug my NodeJS 5.3 App with the Plugin even after upgrading to Rubymine 8.0.2

I upgraded to Rubymine 8.0.2 today based on one of the Support person's (Dennis Ushakov) assurance that it resolves the unable-to-debug issue with nodejs 5.3.0. But after spending a day, still struggling to "debug" my App which fails. I am using the same configuration used for running the App (which runs successfully) with the "node" binary, Working Directory & app.js file specified. The Rubymine debugger is launching the App with "--debug-brk=<some free port>" option, but the debugger does not progress beyond the second statement "require(keystone)" where the "keystone" module is available in App "node_modules" folder. Quick help to resolve the debug problem will be highly appreciated! My "app.js" starts like below:


// Require keystone where the debug step-over fails with no message on console!
keystone = require('keystone');

Thanks in advance

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sorry for the delay. Could you please check whether the problem persists with the last RubyMine EAP (2016.2)?


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