How do I launch RubyMine from an .sh script and RETURN?

Hello everybody

Before each coding session, I have to run an .sh script which performs backup and other similar actions regarding my ROR project.

What I would pretty much like, is my script to end by launching RubyMine.

The problem is that whatever I try, the Terminal Window remains open and shows the RubyMine trace info.
IF I accidentally close this Terminal, then RubyMine ALSO closes withouth any further notice and without saving anything (ugh!)

As you understand this is not acceptable, however I belive there should be a way of launching RubyMine from an .sh script AND return.

So far I've tried to use the following commands inside the .sh file (alas with no success)
1. mine (terminal does not return)
2. nohup mine (terminal returns but ANOTHER terminal opens which does not return)
3. mine & (nothing happens)

Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advance


Ubuntu 15.04
RubyMine 7.1.4

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hello? anybody there?

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Did you try

nohup mine &


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Hello and thanks for your reply

what you suggested, worked in terminal but not inside my sh file

however, if I run "nohup" then, mine starts AND terminal returns

thanks for pointing me to the right direction!

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1. launch terminal and navigate to the directory where you have unzipped your RubyMine Folder (e.g. cd Downloads).

2. use ls to list all files located in the directory.

3. copy the name of the RubyMine Folder/file

4. cd directory to point to the RubyMine dir: cd <paste in the name of the RubyMine file you copied earlier>

5. when you're inside this folder or directory, point to the bin folder: cd bin

6. when inside the bin folder: use ./........ sh. (the "......" is the name attached to the ".sh"; you can usually find this out by using ls when in the bin folder at terminal OR manually procedure)

7. your RubyMine application should start now.

I'll advise you to however, create a desktop launcher to make launching easier.

message for any feedback or other issues.


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