Am I syncing properly? seems to take a long time

I'm wondering if I understand things correctly. If I have a rails app deployed to IIS based on a local project how do I properly sync?

My understanding was that I would go to the local project where I made my changes and choose "Sync with deployed"

however, it seems to take a long time for the sync page to appear with the up/down choices... about 15-20 min.  I tried excluding public and tmp on both the server and local versions but that doesn't seem to help.

This is not a very large app.

Anyway, am I going about the sync process correctly? I want to get the changes made locally deployed to my server

UPDATE - I also noticed that the sync dialog is not listing files I know I changed. For example, I made changes to application_controller.rb and that file was not listed in the sync. The changes are NOT on the server.

The sync dialg was showing a file I just created.

Should I try an upload? There are no files on the server that would need to be downloaded to my local project.



Message was edited by: Christopher Mendla - seems like files that were changed are missing from the sync

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Hello, Christopher,

sorry for the delay. Could you please specify whether it happens with other projects deployed to the remote server or only with this one? In addition, what type of the remote server it is? (SFTP, FTP..) did you make an upload of the whole project there? Please check also that files you're changing aren't from excluded folders (due to )


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