Rubymine 8 color scheme gone


I just upgraded from RM 7.1.2 to 8.0, and in the process most of my code-coloring has disappeared.

Under Settings > Editors > Colors & Fonts I have defined a custom "My Scheme", and that has been automatically selected in v8.(As it usually is whenever I upgrade.)

I have enclosed snapshots of an editor window for V7 and V8 so you can see the difference. Not only this, but in V7 my test files in the Project window were highlighted in green, in V8 they are not.

I am running RM on Ubuntu 15.04.

Not sure if this could have caused any harm or not, but when I upgraded I did what I always do when I upgrade: File > Export Settings. (Because a long time ago my settings got blown away and I didn't have a backup, so now it's the first thing I do when I upgrade, and then I save the settings.jar file to a flash drive). When I did that the IDE asked if I wanted to overwrite the existing settings.jar file, to which I replied "yes".


Okay, here's some more info that might be of help. I removed the installation and the ~/.RubyMine80 settings directory and re-installed the IDE. I did not export the settings.jar file as described above, so that can be ignored.

Here is the problem: When the IDE first fires up everything is fine; no problems at all. When I simply close it and reopen it all of my color-coding is gone.

Can someone please help me with this? Just opening and closing the IDE should not blow away settings.



I had this same thing happen on Mac OSX 10.9.5.

This was a really annoying thing to happen.  Please fix!


Yes please fix it asap. Mac 10.10.05. here


I have problem with it too.

OSX 10.11.1


I submitted a bug on this. Hopefully someone at RM will take a look at it:

You can go to the page and vote/watch this issue if you want.

-- Larry


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