Debugger doesn't stop on JS and CoffeeScript breakpoints in my project


I have a problem with configuring JS/CofeeScript debug.

I have managed to succesfully debug CofeeScript code in provided example ( flawlessly. However, when I try to debug my own project JS/CofeeScript files in the same way, I can see "Jetbrains IDE Support is debugging this tab" alert in Chrome, debugger claims that it is "Connected to Jetbrains Chrome Extension", but I can't get my config to suspend on breakpoints. Just nothing happens, it looks like I haven't set up any breakpoints (what I did obviously). Rails breakpoints are working fine when I use Rails Debug Configuration. I have checked JavaScript debug configuration few times, and the only difference between my config and example config is that I can't set "Remote URLs of local files" to app/assets/javascript. Moreover, Remote URL column of this table is empty.

What could I do possibly wrong? What more info should I provide to illustrate my problem better?



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You need to fill column "Remote URL" for app/assets/javascript. To do it just double click on the table cell.

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Worked like a charm, thanks a lot! I haven't realized that this column is editable.


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