JavaScript debugging with middlemanapp


I am using WebStorm and RubyMine to develop static sites using middlemanapp ( The document that is served up has a single JavaScript include (script.js). I can map script.js to the local script.js file. This works fine.

The problem is that with globbing/sprockets, all other JS files are merged into script.js when it is served up. And so for each file on my local file system, there is not a file on the server to map it to. How would one go about debugging JavaScript in this kind of scenario?
The same problem would occur if I had Grunt/Gulp concatenating all files into one JS file and only including that one file on the page. I'd prefer not to have to refactor the way I am including JS files for the sake of being able to debug them in RubyMine/WebStorm.

Am I missing something?


Hi, I will check it and give you detailed answer.

>> Am I missing something?
In general, we are trying to guess and you don't have to confgure it. I will check what's wrong. (Please note — since Chrome 43 there is a problem, see


Could you please attach test project?


Thanks for your reply Vladimir.

I also raised a support ticket and go the following reply (from Elena Pogorelova):

"JavaScript debugger uses sourcemaps in order to map the source files to the ones that are actually executed. Normally you don't need to do anything special to debug using sourcemaps - just create breakpoints in your original files and run your code in debugger... But your map files have to conform to Source Map Spec (, and the generated js file should have the properly formatted //@ sourceMappingURL comment.
As far as I can see, middleman doesn't yet support sourcemaps for concatenated javascript ( Gulp/Grunt do support them (sourcemaps generated by these tools are not always correct, some tuning may be needed, but they work)"

I believe that answers my question. I guess I'll have to stick it out until Sprockets 4.0.0 is released : /


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