automatic Spring start with vagrant + rubymine

I've crossed over this post and it worked as expected!
So I decided to try keep spring running on an automated way on my vagrant box something like having a command "ssh -p 2222 -i ~/.ssh/vagrant222_key vagrant@ 'nohup /home/vagrant/.rbenv/shims/spring'" executed on a 'vagrant up' .
That also works, as I can open another ssh session and confirm spring is runnin (spring status) but Rubymine does not like it in that way :) . Rubymine only accepts it if I open an interactive session manually (vagrant ssh) and nohup' spring (I can close the session and it still works)

Basically the error is "`require': cannot load such file -- teamcity/spec/runner/formatter/teamcity/formatter (LoadError)"

Does someone have an idea what I am missing?


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the problem is that RubyMine needs additional load paths to be able to load our helpers (such as custom formatters)
RubyMine store these helpers in /home/vagrant/.rubymine_helpers and you need to play with it to see which particular pahs it usually adds.



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