"resolve merge conflicts" dialog box does not appear


Rubymine 7.1.2

Before when I rebased my local branch onto Master a 3-way dialog box would pop up showing me : their-changes / resolved-code / my-changes.

This was a very nice, visual way to see and resolve conflicts.

Now when I do the same operation a notification box pops up that says "Rebase Suspended. Stopped rebasing because of conflict (1/4). Resolve conflicts and continue the rebasing process." The conflicted files are marked in red in the "Local Changes" window. I have to click on the red files and see something like the following in them:

<<<<< HEAD
bad line 1
bad line 2
conflict line
>>>>>> 9547cc4....

Then I have to resolve the conflicts by hand.

I realize that this is the way all of the non-IDE folks do it. But I bought the Rubymine IDE for a reason - and the visual 3-way merge-conflict resolution dialog box was a big one.

How can I get the old behavior back? (BTW, I am checking "Interactive" and Merge Strategy = "Default" in the "Rebase branch" dialog box.



Could you please check this one issue since it seems similar to your problem:



Hi Olga,

It does indeed seem like the same problem.

Thanks for responding,


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