Accessing Github in RubyMine EAP 7.1

I can no longer access Github for my Tasks in the new EAP (7.1).

In the Plugins preference panel, I can correctly configure and Test Git and Github (I have successfully connected to Github via a username/password and token). However, when I go to select a new task, I am told it cannot connect to

I open the "Configure Server" panel and from there, with valid credentials, I click "Test" and am shown an error alert with:

Connect to
[] failed:
Connection refused

Additionally, when I reverted to RubyMine 7.0.4, this problem persisted. It did not, however exist prior to the EAP install (I use Tasks from Github daily in RM).

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And, of course, I submit a topic and the next EAP fixes it :). In 141.96 I had to reset all my tokens/auth but was able to regain access to Github for tasks, etc. All is right in the world once again LOL

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Nice to hear that issue solved.

Feel free to report issues at next time.

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Thanks, Aleksey. I wasn't convinced it was a bug so held off on the issue in this instance!


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