While debugging a rails application, how can I get the full name of a variable from the debugger?

I am debugging my rails application and I am on the debugger console. I want to be able to get the value of a certain variable in my application. I could use the RIght Click Copy Name method but if it is a huge object with several nested objects etc, and I want the name of the variable down the hierarchy, the Copy Name method doesn't help. It just returns the name of the current attribute, not the entire path. I tried other methods such as Evaluate Expression and so on, but they are not too helpful either. Please see the attached screen shot. I want to get the name of the variable tmpname in its entirety, starting from params.

Please help me.

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Could you try get path of the tmepfile via


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Well... What I really want is for rubymine to give me the option of getting the entire path, so when I try to watch that name, it should show me the value on the debugger console.

Please consider this as a future enhancement.


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