Does Rubymine have the feature code snippet and all auto-complete

I'm used to the sublime  text 3 editor.

It has many handy features.

take the code snippets for example,

Once you type

then press TAB

It will generate the corresponding code block

rescue Exception => e

The plugin All Autocomplete

It can show the auto-complete hint for all opened files.

For example, if you have a variable name called


then you can get the autocomplete in other files.

Does Rubymine has the above features ?

If yes, what's the corresponding keymap ?

It's important for me to use those features.


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the first feature is called "Live Templates" in RubyMine see for more details
As for code completeion, it is supposed to work for everything you have in the project and we do not care if the file is opened or not.

Shortcuts for the actions depend on the keymap RubyMine is configured to use, see menu Code|Insert Live Template and Code|Completion to find out the shortcuts.

Hope I've answered your questions.

Regards, Oleg.


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