JavaScript/CoffeeScript class lookup broken in 7.0.2

Ever since I upgraded to the new version 7+ navigation and lookup for javascript/coffeescript stopped working.
I can't command click on a class name to go to definition. I cant use the Command+O ("Enter class name") to go to a coffeescript class.
Other people in my team have similiar issue.
How can I fix it? It used to work fine in the 6.x version.

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I tried the following and it didnt help:
* Delete .idea folder from the project
* Uninstall and reinstall RubyMine including cache/settings/etc directories

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Hello, sorry for delay with answer. Looks very similar with does it happens only with CoffeeScript files?

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Yes, everyone on my team has this issue.
I am going back to the 6.x version where it worked fine.


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