RubyMine does not create a Rubymotion project

I am evaluating RubyMine under OSX 10.10.1. When I create a Rubymotion project I get the following messages in the status window:

/Library/RubyMotion/bin/motion create --template=osx untitled2
    Create untitled2
    Create untitled2/.gitignore
    Create untitled2/app/app_delegate.rb
    Create untitled2/app/menu.rb
    Create untitled2/Gemfile
    Create untitled2/Rakefile
    Create untitled2/resources/Credits.rtf
    Create untitled2/spec/main_spec.rb

Process finished with exit code 0

But in fact nothing was created. What is going on here? Rubymotion does what it should do, when I use it via terminal.

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Please detail RubyMine and RubyMotion versions.

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I have the same problem!

When I create a new Rubymotion app then I get a success message, the log shows that files are created but the directory tree is almost empty.
Almost means:

- When I create an OSX application the directory contains a subdir .idea

- When I create an IOS app the directory contains the .idea subdir and a Gemfile with three lines.

My versions here are:

OS: Mac OS X 10.10.1

Rubymine: 7.0.2

Rubymotion: 3.2

rvm: 1.26.8

ruby: 2.2.0  

Problem exists also with older ruby 2.1.4.

Any ideas what I did wrong?



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