RubyMine on ChromeOS / ARM Ubuntu


currently I have a chromebook with ARM processor running Ubuntu through crouton.

I was trying to launch rubymine on it but when trying to do it I get a very long error with java runtime exception about initializing deviceSupport.AMDeviceManager

Also before that error notification, in terminal I get ERROR -        #com.intellij.idea.Main - Unable to load JNA library (OS: Linux 3.10.18).

Maybe I installed my JDK wrong? Thanks for response.

I can copy the whole error if needed or upload it somewhere.

To add, I'm using xfce4 as my desktop environment.

Thanks for any response,


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Do you install Open or Oracle JDK?
Also idea.log file and full error message could help to investigate the problem. Here is instruction how to find idea.log file.


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